The entire hostel

Groups that rent the whole house can enjoy a large and pleasant house where you can spend time with many people together and at the same time have the opportunity to rest in privacy in nice guest rooms.

Asa hostel consists of the main building with eleven bedrooms and the side building 'Magasinet' with three bedrooms.

The ground floor has two four-bed rooms and two six-bed rooms. Here is also our large school hall with tables and chairs for up to 60 seats as well as a kitchenette for food handling and a dish room.

The upper floor has three single rooms, a two-bed room, two six-bed rooms and a nine-bed room. Here is our large guest kitchen with good cooking facilities, dining room and social areas.

The magazine's three bedrooms are only used during the summer, it contains two two-bed rooms and one five-bed room.


Asa Hostel- Växjö

Asa Hostel- Växjö