Useful information and prices

Practical information

As a guest at the hostel, you, or you and your party, have access to your own bedroom. Many beds are bunk beds. All beds have duvets and pillows, chairs or armchairs are available in all rooms.

As a guest, you either choose to bring your own sheets and towels or you can rent them from us at the hostel.

The guest has the option to buy for the final cleaning or can choose to do this himself. Simple instructions for final cleaning are provided in each room.

The guest kitchen is shared by the guests of the house and here there are two large refrigerators and a freezer and each room has a tray for storing pantry items. There are two stoves and ovens as well as a microwave. Kettle, coffee maker, equipment for cooking and serving table settings are available. Our responsibility is to ensure that there are fresh dishes, dishcloths, drying towels, paper towels, etc. and facilitate everyone's well-being. As a guest, you are responsible for what you use, dishes and take away and to help keep it clean together.

Breakfast can be ordered if you are five people or more and order at least two days before arrival.

Next to the kitchen is a dining room with a table and plenty of seating. Adjacent to the dining room are sofas, TV, books, board games and toys for children.

Showers and toilets are available on both floors and are shared by the guests. We look after these on a daily basis and together we help to keep them clean and tidy.

Smoking is not permitted indoors or near the entrance.

Pets are allowed in some of our rooms but cannot stay upstairs.

Sauna is available for rent for our guests. The sauna has a wood-burning stove and as a guest you have access to wood, matches and what is needed to bring up the temperature you desire. The sauna is located down by the lakeside, just under 200 meters from the hostel itself. It is also good to swim here.

Prices (2024)

Single room: SEK 550 / night
Double room: SEK 750 / night
Four-bed room: SEK 1150 / night
Six-bed room: SEK 1550 / night
Nine-bed room: SEK 2150 / night

Book entire hostel: SEK 7900 / night


Sheets and towels: SEK 125 / person
Final cleaning: SEK 125 / room
Breakfast. SEK 125 / person (min. 5 people)
Wood-burning sauna: SEK 400 / 3 hours

Payment of the booking fee and other can be made with swish or bank giro payment.

Swish: 123 509 47 01

Bank transfer: 634-5409

IBAN 6190200000090251454594 (International payment)